Monday, March 26, 2012

Shake It Up

Ron, Shawn, Jim, and I got together and brewed some beer on Saturday.  I was taking pictures of the aeration process.  This happens after the product of the boil is placed into the carboy (big glass jar).  Then we all take turns shaking this big glass jar praying we don't drop it.  Thanks to Shawn for taking a couple pictures of me so I could add them to the collage.  I can't wait until "Oberner" is ready!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Break Time

During our photo walk the other day Jonah wanted to take a break and have a snack.  He sat there and watched the water hoping to see a duck or boat.  Sadly nothing passed by during our break.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Posts

Like most photographers I follow many other photographers to learn and be inspired.  One of my favorites is Trey Ratcliffe for many reason.  One of the things that he does and that I am starting to do is go through older photographs and redo the post production process on them.  In addition, he posts a photograph daily.  I am doing this of a photograph that I take daily already, but I wanted to start doing this for older photographs too.  This servers a few purposes for me.  First, I need to learn and get better at post production, so this will be extra practice.  Secondly, it is fun to apply new techniques that I have learned since now and the time I took the photograph.  Lastly, most of you will enjoy the subject as it may involve or relate to you.

"Kate The Great"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mission: Find The Numbers

Numbers really are everywhere.  Jonah and I had a great time today finding them all and he even guest stars in #4.  Hey Jim, we found a #2!

Manhole Cover

Fence Post

Side of a Bench

Railroad Tracks


Digital 5

Power Lines

Water Line


Basketball Hoop Post

The Gorilla

I was looking through my photographs the other day to find one for a post on another site when I ran across this one.  We were at the Pittsburgh Zoo back in 2010 and I took this from the gorilla overlook next to where the food vendors are located.

This particular gorilla really broke my heart.  He looked so depressed and I can only guess it is because he longs to be in the wild not captivity.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's In a Name

I have always been into photography and lately I have been taking it more seriously.  I have had the notion of possibly doing some photography stuff on the side for a year or so now.  In reality I am still a few months from doing this on a regular basis.  I did however reserve a domain name a few days and that is the subject of this post.  For now just my blogs will be  there and soon maybe I will have a site up.

I reserved and here is why I have chosen this name.  I have had this name in my head for several months now.  Pavé (pa-vay) has a couple different meanings.  Most women know this as a style of jewelry, which has to do with how the gemstones are set.  Most europeans and bicycle enthusiasts know this as a French word for pavement, paving stone, or cobblestone.  I am keying on the latter for a several reasons.  First, as most people know I am a cyclist and a fan of the sport.  So much so that Jonah and I watch most of the cycling events on TV and we are very excited for the spring classics that are starting now.  If you would like to see pavé in action, then watch this YouTube clip from the 2010 Tour of Flanders.  It is a little difficult to tell but they are riding over cobblestone streets.  Secondly, in order to get to our house you will most likely travel on a street covered in pavé.  Lastly, when said correctly it has a nice upscale sound similar to brands like Hermes and Cartier.

So Pavé Photography has been born at least from the internet domain perspective.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Together Again

Today my grandmother (Mama) passed away, she was 92.  My grandfather (Poppy) passed away in January approximately 5 weeks ago.

The only thing I can compare this to is the movie The Notebook.  Watch it and you will understand.  I know this is not unique to our family, as I have heard many stories from friends and co-workers to this effect.

I have many memories of my grandma.  When I was younger my mom was in and out of the hospital for surgeries and grandma was usually there to help take care of us.  So even though grandma and grandpa Dobson never lived in the same place as we did, grandma seemed to be around a lot when I was growing up.

Grandma always brought gifts when she visited usually some form of Avon or trinket from a far away place that they just visited.  This might also explain why my mom usually has something for Jonah and Harper when they visit.  I remember everyone raving about her cabbage rolls, that nobody seemed to be able to replicate.  She knew several languages and would tell me that the sub-titles were wrong when we watched old war movies together.  These are just a few memories that I am willing to share, the rest are for me.

Recalling what I wrote when grandpa passed away, it is definitely a different set of memories and emotions.  It must be the mothering aspect that makes this seem tougher than last time.  So my grandparents are back together again watching over what they had a hand in creating.  Mama and Poppy will both be missed and remembered for many many years.