Friday, October 16, 2009


Jonah turned 3 today, my how time zips on by. He is by far the accomplishment that I am most proud of in my life. I still can't believe that we haven't screwed him up yet. I guess time will tell.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jonah!!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Surprise!

Sue surprised me tonight with a Torp from Conneaut, OH. It was delicious and we both stuffed ourselves. Not only was that a surprise but Michael Jackson also died. Now that's a surprise!

I remember the Thriller album was my first cassette that I played over and over and over. I also remember that MJ's videos changed the way people made videos forever. His were stories or his inturpretation of his song rather than a band standing on a stage.

Lots of surprises. Hopefully that is all for the day.

My First Time

Well, there is a first time for everything I guess. I started a blog and this is a first. I did it more to practice my writing skills which are not that great and also to get my creative juices flowing. I am a lefty and therefore expected to be a creative person. I can draw ( a little), I love photography (still learning), and wish I could play and instrument (no chance). So now I can say I am a published writer even if I am the only person reading my ramblings.

I have no idea what is going to become of this blog but I will be including tidbits from my life, including my wife, son Jonah, and a player to be named later (just after Thanksgiving).